It’s Tough Being A Size Five

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As far back as I can remember shopping for shoes has been a struggle. While my friends run to the shoe department, I avoid it. I am a size 5. I measure as size 5. That doesn’t mean I am size 5. Buying shoe is like buying jeans. It depends how the designer interprets the size 5.  Sometimes I am 4.5. You can frequently find me in the Children’s Shoe department to get Vans or Uggs. I almost started crying  when I was in NYC because I couldn’t find a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs Mary Janes in a size 5. Marc decided not to make them that small. I found that out after going to Saks, Neimans and Bloomingdales. The good news Coach and Cole Haan make a size 5 that measure to my foot most of the time! If that wasn’t amazing enough Cole Haan has a lot of of friends and family days where I can get 25% off my shoes! That is my only chance of getting a sale on shoes!  Below are some of my favorites of this season.

Paley High Wedge
Cole Haan


Irving Wedge


COACH Kamea Low Heel Woven Ankle Strap Sandle



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