Mixing Patterns

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One trend that I am loving this season is mixing patterns! This increases the amount of outfits you can make out of your wardrobe. I know mixing patterns can be a little scary, but once you get the hang of it will be easy! Here are some easy rules to follow:

  1. Avoid three patterns.  Only use two different patterns and if you need a third piece, such as a blouse or cardigan make it solid.
  2. Keep the patterns in the same color family. If your shirt is teal and orange, then your bottom should also have teal and orange in it.
  3. Break up the pattern. Us a solid piece to break it ups such as hosiery, a belt, a necklace or a solid piece of clothing.
  4. Keep your patterns to scale. One pattern should be a little bigger than the other should be not as a bold. This will make your look more pleasant to the eye and everything will be more balanced.
  5. Make sure the patterns are not too similar. Don’t wear to polka dots together. Instead try polka dots and strips to add a little more excitement to the look.

Below are some examples






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