Summer Styles For Men

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Summer is almost here and I have a lot of male clients asking me to update their summer wardrobes and how to mix and match items. I found some of the hot items for summer and how to put them together.

Bright Colors 

Bright colors are in, especially for pants and shorts. Don’t be afraid to wear them. Here are a few things to to remember:

  • It is okay to wear a patterned shirt that has the same color in it as the pants/shorts
  • You can also get get away with different colors, example a grey and white stripe top with with blue pants
  • Don’t be afraid to go bright on top and bottom

Below is a pair of pants and examples of tops and shoes you could wear with them.



  • Shorts can be dressed up and down
  • To dress them up wear a button down with loafers or boat shoes
  • To dress them down a t-shirt and sneakers will work

Below is an example of a pair of shorts and items to dress them up or down. They are also bright, so take note of       the tops that are matched with them. 






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