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I have had a couple readers and clients private message me in the last week with some really good questions! I thought the questions and the answers might be helpful for all my readers!

Q.Know any shortcuts, any inexpensive ways to buy John Varvatos, Hugo Boss?

A. This is the perfect time to start buying sales items. All the retailers will start doing a first round on markdowns on the first fall grouping. I know Bloomingdale’s will be having a fall men’s sale coming up in the next few weeks, Friends and Family will pop up at some stores. Nordstroms will have their men’s sale starting the day after Christmas. Neiman Marcus should have first call soon. I suggest subscribing to the stores that carry the vendors you like and check to see when their sales are. It also doesn’t hurt to check every week on the websites to see what is on sale.

Q.My BFF is getting married in 3 weeks and about 15 minutes ago(!!!!!), she finally told me what color dress I should wear (I’m the matron of honor)–burnt orange. The ceremony will be pretty informal. I am freaking out given the color and timeline and was hoping you might have some ideas of where I should look for a dress.

A. It is always fun when you can pick out your own bridesmaid dress. However, if the bride picks a challenging color like burnt orange, then it makes the job a little harder. The first place I would check is J. Crew because they sell bridesmaid dresses that come in different materials and colors! I also suggested Bloomingdale’s or Nordstroms because they both have great dress departments.

Q. I am looking for jeans that are straight leg, and mid-rise.  I don’t want mom jeans!

A. I suggest the AG Stilt jean. very comfortable jeans that are not too tight or too low!!!

If you have any questions please write me!




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