The Real Secrets To shopping at the Outlets…

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Recently there was an article about shopping at the outlets, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack. The author claimed that items are exclusivity for these stores. The customer was not really getting a deal. She was right about some of these claims. The days when the outlet malls were full of last season’s clothes are partially gone. However there are still some really good finds and a savvy shopper can find the deals!

1. The Gaps, J. Crews and other chain stores

These stores make clothes for the outlets. You can tell because the quality is not as nice as what is in their mall stores. You can get a better deal in the mall store! On any given day the Gap will have 40% off jeans! Which is a better price than the outlet store and a higher quality.

2. Nordstrom Rack/Neimans Last Call/Off Sacks

It is partially true at Nordstrom Rack. I know for a fact that Nordstrom Rack takes things from the store in the mall. After a certain amount of time the store ships items to the Rack! The customer can find a really good deal. However there are some items that are made just for the Rack. You can spot the items that are manufactured for the Rack because they are are “house brand”. It is necessary all Nordstrom house brands. If you see Tory Burch, you know are getting a deal. You know the same is true at a Off Sacks or Neimans Last Call. Always look at quality. Some deals are too good to be true!

3. TJ Maxx

It is a little harder to find the items that were made for TJ Maxx vs items that are overstock. I worked for a manufacture and TJ Maxx came up to us at a trade show. TJ Maxx wanted to sell this season’s product at the store for a discounted price. Your best bet is looking for brands you are familiar with. Once you find the brand feel the quality. Does it fee good? Also do you recognize it from last year? I have found items from last season and in department stores. I knew it was a deal.

With the markdowns that stores are now taking before items leave the mall, you don’t necessary have to hit the outlet. You can get a better deal at the mall and get in on this year’s styles and trends!

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